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FROM the 1st of february 2024  all TEACHERS MUST report all their lesson on the new web page

Nová stránka pro report lekcí bude funkční od 01FEB24, dříve ne.
Please, use your real email address you will receive a copy of your report there.

Zápis z výuky (lesson report)

CHAR = Charged (hodina, která se účtuje); EX = Excused lesson (omluvená lekce, dle našich podmínek).

Lesson status: lesson carried out...45, 60 or 90, 1st (or 2nd) excused.... 1 EX (2 EX), cancelled from theacher's side... CANC T, cancelled by the student and charged: CHAR

Jazyk Datum E-mail Student Lesson status Lektor Učivo Tisky POZNÁMKA SEND